Custom Made Wedding Dresses

Want a completely custom look as well as the perfect fit? From design right through to production and finishing touches, you choose every detail large or small.

Our custom service takes us from the initial sketch to patternmaking, fittings, right down to dress drop off and options of fitting you on the day. We work one-on-one together, customising and incorporating your unique personality and style.

The best part? It's ALL handmade right here in New Plymouth in our local studio. Each is unique on its own, sourcing only small amounts of each fabric, making them even more exclusive and personal.

Come and meet with Liah! Try on our gowns in studio, use them to get your ideas started and design up your dream dress with us.

Please contact and make an appointment to start your custom design experience. And in the meantime, visit our real brides page for a small insight on the beautiful weddings we have had the pleasure of being apart of.

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